Trogonoptera trojana The Palawan Birdwing Triangle Birdwing Electric Green Real Framed Butterfly Sug Retail $150

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Species: Trogonoptera trojana & Trogonoptera brookiana
Common Name: The Palawan birdwing or triangle birdwing & Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing
Origin:  Malaysia & Palawan
Frame size: 8″ x 12″
Frame Color: Black
Wood Frame: Finest Handmade Museum Quality Sealed Shadowbox Display.
Glass: 99% UV Blocking Museum Grade Conservation Glass to Prevent Insect Fading.
Background: Insect Name & Origin Printed on Old World Style Parchment Backing.
Materials: Archival & Acid Free materials. Picture Hanger Included.
Description: Trogonoptera trojana is commonly known as the Palawan birdwing or Triangle birdwing. This large birdwing butterfly has distinctive black and electric-green markings. The smaller Trogonoptera brookiana is commonly known as the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing in honor of the 2 men who discovered it naturalist Alfred R. Wallace in 1855, after James Brooke, the Rajah of Sarawak. This unique set features the only 2 butterfly species  in this genus. These birdwing butterflies are from the rain forests of Borneo and the Malaysian Peninsula.