Proculus goryi 70mm Real Framed Rare Bess Bug Bess Beetle Sug Retail $100


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Species: Proculus goryi 70mm
Origin: Guatemala
Common name: Bess Bug Or Bess Beetle
Frame size: 5″ x 6 1/2″
Frame Color: Black
Wood Frame: Finest Handmade Museum Quality Sealed Shadowbox Display.
Glass: 99% UV Blocking Museum Grade Conservation Glass to Prevent Insect Fading.
Background: Insect Name & Origin Printed on Old World Style Parchment Backing.
Materials: Archival & Acid Free materials. Picture Hanger Included.
Description: Rare hard to get giant Passalid beetles commonly known as Bess beetles. Not only are these beetles impressively large but are also unique in that they are sub social and practice brood caring. They have the odd ability to produce 14 acoustical sounds by rubbing their abdomen against their hind wings. This is highly unusual for beetles.