Who are you?

“We are Butterfly-Designs, Established in 1992 online since 1999”
We Hand Make all of the framed taxidermy displays ourselves in South Dakota U.S.A.

Do you sell retail?

Yes you can visit our retail website Butterfly-Designs.com

Do I need to have an account in order to purchase wholesale or see your wholesale prices?


Minimum order is $350.00

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping Rates:
For all orders up to $750.00 = $45.00
$751.00 up to $1500.00 =$65.00
$1500.01 up to 3000.00 = $95.00
$3000.01 up to $5000.00 = $125.00
All orders over $5000.01 will be shipped by FedEx Freight. Freight Rates will be quoted prior to shipping.

Are your insect displays guaranteed?
YES! We offer a 100% product guarantee, if any insect arrives damaged we will replace it.
If there are any problems with your new purchase we will fix it or replace it for free.
(Returns are for credit or exchange only)

Do all of the butterflies and insects come with frames?
Yes all insects are mounted in shadowbox displays at no additional charge.

Are all of the butterflies and insects real?
Yes all of the insects are real and are in their natural state.

Where do your specimens come from?
They come from farms, aviaries, co-ops, breeders, collectors, traders and private individuals from around the world.

Why are some butterflies and moths mounted verso or face down?
Most butterflies have completely different colors and markings on the inside and outside of their wings. When you look at a butterfly or moth what you see on one side may be completely different on the other side. About 3/4 of all butterflies and moths that we sell are available either face up or verso and some butterflies and moths only have interesting markings or colors on the outside (verso) so we only offer them that way.

Where are your displays made?
All of our items are hand made by us in South Dakota, U.S.A.

Are any of your insects endangered or protected?

Do you sell to any countries outside of the U.S.A.?

Unfortunately, we do not ship any of our displays outside of the U.S.A….