Beautiful and hard to find Real Framed Birdwing Butterflies rare giant green, orange and blue birdwing butterfly collection.

Ornithoptera priamus, Ornithoptera croesus lydius, Ornithoptera urvillianus. Real Framed Giant Birdwing Butterflies. Beautiful green, orange and blue birdwing butterflies from Papua New Guinea & Indonesia

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Wholesale Insects – By Butterfly Designs Since 1992

Makers Of The Finest Real Museum Quality Framed Taxidermy Displays, All Framed in Solid Wood & Archival Glass Shadow Box Frames. Real Framed Butterflies, Moths, Beetles, Insects, Bats, Birds, Reptiles & Now The Museum Collection / Oceanic Sea Life.
We are the nation’s largest manufacturer of real framed archival, museum quality, butterflies, insect, bat & oceanic sea life displays available. We offer the world’s largest selection of handmade archival taxidermy displays.

“Hand Made Entirely In The USA”


New Additions - Real Framed Butterflies & Insects Displays Recently Added To The Website

New Additions Recently Added To The Website

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